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Creasy Greens

HollyHolly Fitzwater

Patricia remembers: “In late February to early March, Mama would sharpen a small knife on her whet rock, get a big brown paper bag, and search for creasy greens in the field. Her little dog Freckles would get so excited when he heard her sharpening the knife because he knew she was coming outside. He would run back and forth in front of the kitchen window and then all the way around the house. Before going to the field, she would tie a scarf on her head and under her chin. She would walk in a straight line, like walking in a row, looking from side to side. Mama made sure to get the right kind of greens which were light green, growing flat on the ground with fringy leaves. The dark green ones with shiny leaves were too strong. She cut the greens just at the top of the ground and placed them in a paper bag. It was my job to carry the bag. When it was full, we went back to the house and filled the sink full of water to wash the greens, which we did several times. They were placed in a large pot of water with some bacon grease and cooked all day. She was careful to turn and stir them so they would not scorch. Creasy greens were served with a pan of hot cornbread, crispy fried fat back, sliced boiled eggs, and vinegar.” Robbie remembers: “Daddy wanted greens early in the spring because he said we needed to purge and flush out our systems from the long, cold winter being ’cooped up’ in the house. He said this was the belief of old people he knew when he was a little boy. If you ate ’a big mess of greens’ you knew what flushing out your system meant. We loved creasy greens and thick, fried side meat. The tastes of Mama’s cornbread, greens and vinegar, and fried streaky bacon was amazing.”

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Creasy Greens by ****
Creasy Greens by ****


  • Creasy greens
  • Water
  • Bacon grease
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Wash greens several times. Place in large pot of water with some bacon grease and cook all day. Stir frequently.

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