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Make Your Own Cookbook. It's Easy!

  • a cookbook of just your "faves"

    A TasteBook is a personalized, cookbook of just the recipes you love. Add more recipes anytime. Learn more »
  • "the coolest gift ever"

    Mix family recipes with favorites in one unique cookbook, and dedicate it to the ones you love.
  • gorgeous, durable, expandable

    High quality & tasteful design, the expandable hardcover holds up to 100 recipes with custom chapters, recipe index, and much more.
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Personalized Cookbook

Create a beautiful personal cookbook in 3 easy steps:

  • First, create a New Collection for your recipes
  • Then, Add Recipes or search for recipes to add to your TasteBook.
    Make sure you check for purchase in your search results:for purchase
  • Finally, in Studio, design your cover, add a dedication page, preview and
    order your stunning, personal cookbook.

For more info, visit Getting Started & How-to's section.