Jam-Filled French Toast

Jam-Filled French Toast with Tropical Fruit Salad


A mixture of jam and cream cheese produces a pleasantly creamy and not-too-sweet filling. Feel free to swap other flavors of jam for the apricot used here, or fresh berries for the tropical fruit salad. Get the Recipe: Jam-Filled French Toast with Fruit Salad Serves 4 INGREDIENTS For the Stuffed French Toast: 8 slices (1 [...]

How to Make Israeli Krembo at Home

Discover Israel’s Favorite Winter Dessert: Krembo


In Israel, it’s well-known that summers are long and intense. Yet however brief, the winters can be very rainy and chilly. While summertime means watermelon and ice cream, what happens during the months of rain, clouds, and strong winds? The answer is Krembo. Krembo is a light and airy confection that brings a hint of [...]